VC Private Label Argiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy

Produced and bottled exclusively for The Vancouver Club by Argiano Spa Società Agricola.

Olive oil, like good wine, is an integral part of the traditional Tuscan diet. In the olive groves that surround the villa of Argiano there are two varieties of excellent olives: Frantoio (70%) and Leccino (30%).

Every year, in the middle of November, the olives are picked by hand and stone-crushed on the very same day in the continuous cycle system in the nearby olive mill to extract the precious oil.

The new oil is limpid and green in colour, with golden highlights. The perfume is fresh, fruity and clean with an evident scent of olives, but also rich in herbaceous fragrances dominated by artichoke and lesser notes of almond. The flavour is open and harmonious, with vegetable hints of artichoke and, to a lesser extent, tomato and celery. A light and balanced bitter-spicy note conveys vivacity to the palate. Used raw it is excellent to dress soups, salads, pulses, bruschetta and the famous “pinzimonio”, which consists of raw vegetables used to dip. 250 mo