VC Kori Artisan 5.5" Prep Knife


Engraved with The Vancouver Club logo.

The 5.5" Prep Knife is a wide-bladed utility knife, perfect for tasks like slicing, chopping fruits and veggies, portioning out meats, and slicing cheeses. It's a great companion to your chef and paring knife—it tackles the jobs that are too big for the paring knife and too small for the chef knife. The modified bolster is angled to encourage a proper pinch grip on the knife, giving the user mastery over their blade, from tip to heel! 

Kori Artisan knives are handcrafted for beauty, function, and superior performance. Taking over 60 steps to complete each knife, Kori Artisan uses advanced materials and crafting techniques to ensure your knives last you years. Each blade features a Japanese VG10 core, surrounded by 36 layers of hammered steel to create that beautiful layered Damascus pattern. Finished with a riveted linen micarta handle for ultimate comfort and durability, with a traditional mosaic pin and end cap. Every Kori knife has been crafted to the highest standards of quality and workmanship that’s why each is backed by a lifetime warranty covering any defects in material or workmanship.